Why Invest in Gujarat?

Invest in Gujarat


The biggest Engineering and automation Manufacturers event.

  • State-Of-The-Art-Infrastructure
  • Policy driven, business friendly ecosystem
  • Extensive Coastline
  • Growing Tech & SME hub of India

Gujarat serves as a paradigm for economic progress and development for emerging countries. Despite the global economic slump, its enormous contribution to the Indian economy has made India prominent in a competitive market. Gujarat is emerging as one of the country’s most ‘investor-friendly’ destinations, highlighting a lavish lifestyle of leisure, pleasure, commerce, and investment.

Recent partnerships between leading conglomerates to create advanced production facilities in the state is a testimony to the growing opportunities in Gujarat.

Gujarat’s contribution to the national economy reflects its standing as India’s most industrialized state. With a GDP of US$240 billion, the western coastal state ranks second among India’s states (2021-22 estimate). Gujarat’s state GDP (GSDP) is expected to reach US$280 billion in 2022-23.